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There’s no question that communication has evolved. There are so many different ways to get in touch today, but the real value comes from having the options to choose the method that works best for your audience and still delivers the message you’re trying to communicate. And when it comes to options, we’ve got you covered. Our powerful collaboration tools go anywhere your network goes to deliver multimedia experiences in any workspace. We can help your team work together more effectively and efficiently to build productivity, business agility, and competitive advantage.



  • phone


    We hear you loud and clear.

    Does your voice service help reduce your costs and increase productivity for your business? We think it should. From call control, to voice gateways and telephony extensions, we’ve built our platform from the Cisco UC product line with extensions to Microsoft, Avaya and others so you can be sure you’re getting the very best in class and service.

  • video


    If a picture tells a thousand words, you can imagine what video means for productivity.

    From content to collaboration, the way we use video at work is increasing with rapid speed and it’s certainly not going away. Whether it’s used for training, one-on-one meetings or video conferencing with a distributed work team, there are a variety of ways we can help you incorporate video to improve productivity and responsiveness.

  • mailspeech


    Instant everything.

    Expectations for immediate reachability and response keep getting higher. Even though we’re all so dependent on phones, they’re certainly not the only way we get in touch anymore. Customizable communications options are available for use inside and outside your organization so that you can enhance productivity and reduce communications delays.

  • conferencing

    Web Conferencing

    You may not be able to clone yourself (yet), but you can still be in two places at once.

    With a global market, it’s nearly impossible—or extremely expensive—to be at every meeting in person. Web conferencing services let you conduct online meetings over the web in real time from anywhere, anytime on any device. Now that is flexibility.

  • byod

    Bring Your Own Device

    Come one, come all. Increased satisfaction for users and organizations.

    With the increase work use of personal mobile devices like cell phones, laptops and tablets, many companies are facing challenges managing administration and security. Our IT Service Management (ITSM) and security solutions are geared towards solving these issues and mitigating risks. You can give your employees the flexibility of using their own devices while giving yourself a little peace of mind.


Our Unified Communications platform capabilities are combined with our Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS™) so that you can work on innovative projects that drive your business strategic value. We design, build, transition and operate your IT infrastructure so that it is secure, has fewer defects, and stays current. But what if you can also reduce shadow IT? Our CIS™ approach results in IT infrastructure platforms that are more scalable, flexible, and quicker to implement. Not only that, with our OpEx model, you can quickly respond to those unplanned project requests from business units without having to fight through the CapEx budget process.

Who We Are

We design, deploy, and manage global IT infrastructure through scalable Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS)—an IT infrastructure-as-a-service utility for enterprise Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Unified Communications and Data Center systems.  Alliant Technologies is unique in the industry by the way in which it provides simplicity, and peace of mind while lowering operating costs and risk for commercial enterprises.

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