Dan Cirelli

If you’re looking for fresh, bright ideas or witty banter, Dan’s your guy. He’s constantly looking for better and more innovative ways to simplify complicated processes and communicate value. That’s why we’re so glad he’s been a part of the Alliant family for over ten years.

Dan played a critical role in the development of Alliant’s first authentication managed service. Dan and his team also simplified Alliant’s well-received customer contract experience so our customers have easy-to- understand contracts that match their bills—something that is pretty rare in this industry.

In his latest role as Service Operations Executive (SOE), Dan continues to refine the customer experience by leveraging his background at Alliant, as well as his 16 years spent improving processes at AT&T. He works to develop innovative services that focus on our customers’ strategic growth. As an SOE, Dan advocates for customers and makes recommendations that improve their business strategy and overall experience with Alliant.

But Dan’s not always focused on the new and innovative. He has a passion for vintage muscle cars and can often be found driving with the windows down in his ’67 Camaro. After all, sometimes there’s no need to mess with a classic.